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“Delavan has over 60 years of car-hauler manufacturing experience, making it the most seasoned car-hauler manufacturer in the United States.”

Delavan started out in 1935 as a small trailer repair shop in Buffalo, NY. The company repaired car-haulers and manufactured bomb racks for the war effort during World War II. As the production of vehicles in Detroit began to increase, repair shop owner Lempke decided to begin producing his own car-haulers and in 1946 the Delavan brand was born.

Delavan has built a name for itself as the oldest and best-quality trailers in the United States. The brand is recognized throughout the continent for design and quality, and with over 60 years of hard-working experience, Delavan is the most seasoned car-hauler manufacturer in the United States.

Currently, Delavan manufactures several trailer models: the 2878GS, 4000GS, and the 6000GS. You can view these items in more detail by clicking the products link at the top of the page.

Delavan’s Heritage


Delavan Welding commenced by Milford N. Lempke, Alfred J. Gentile and John J. Johnston. Initially, Delavan’s business was in making storage racks, boxes, and handling welding repairs for local airplane plants. This later expanded into the manufacture of automobile transport trailers and head ramps.

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